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The Haunted Savannah Tour App w/Shannon Scott!

Posted by [email protected] on May 20, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (22)

Finally Here All! So either Scan the QR codes or go to to learn more! Nearly 30 Haunted Sites and 70 videos for $2.99? Impossible education and entertainment to beat! Its like getting a Haunted Savannah documentary on your phone! Incredible! Thanks fans for helping me to make it all possible and appreciate you spreading the word!



The Official Trailer: America's Most Haunted City!

Posted by [email protected] on May 20, 2013 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

So my friends, after what seems more than a 10 year process (and has been), the Official Trailer for "America's Most Haunted City - Part One" is done! Thank you to Matt Duplessie of for creating this for me. Hopefully it leads to the series on TV that I so hope to accomplish and many other projects! Appreicate the support, love and energy of everyone that has been involved! Please help me in my goals by watching, SHARING and of course, sans you like the trailer, Thumbs Upping it on YouTube! :>

Shannon In Great Huffington Post Video

Posted by [email protected] on March 17, 2013 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

You know, for being a guerilla styled story teller, marketer and cameraman myself, these guys proved to be super sneaky! The whole time we were out in Bonaventure Cemetery, they were filming me with a great camera on their cell phone and put this out before I could protest! Not that I mind ultimately, but it was supposed to be the "pre-interview" and turned into the actual! Enjoy!

Day Time Bonaventure Excursions Returning!

Posted by [email protected] on March 6, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Well, due to overwhelming demand from people, and perhaps the inspiration of azaleas and wanting to share them with as many people as possible, I have decided to return to doing some public outings to Bonaventure. They will be offered 6 days a week, with both a morning and afternoon option. They will run 2 hours at a cost of $25.00 per adult, $15.00 Per Youth. I'm excited to bring more of what I do out there to more people per week. My private outings will still be available along with of course, the public After Hours events. Look for tickets online next week at and or of course, 

along with other outlets like

Shannon's Tour Apps Now Available!

Posted by [email protected] on February 23, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Very exciting news is that I've become partner and party to an App company called SG Adventures or Self Guided Adventures and we have just launched the first App in a series to come, called Historic Savannah. More exciting is that it is literally the first App anywhere in the marketplace featuring a "Pop-Up-Tour Guide," yes, yours truly. What does that mean? It means that if while using the App, you want more than my narration, the photos with descriptions, you click on the video link and up I pop in the corner of your screen with video of your location rolling behind you and I tell you all about the place and places you're looking at. Naturally filled with some of my nuances and off-the-grid knowledge! The Historic Savannah Tour App features incredible maps, suggested tour routes, photos & audio, and of course, me hanging out with you as you go on your screen. There are also Recommended Stops that will feature local businesses we believe are worth going to or patroning. Next in the App-2-Come family is a Ghost Tour App in March and then a few others to follow that I'll name soon. I'm most excited about the Ghost Tour App, if just because, it has some real scare factor to it. When experimenting with it, I was very impressed by the visuals, and sound effects that will accent my stories as you go. Nothing to over the top but just enough and man, some of it really did give me chills and that's hard to do! When downloading the Historic Savannah Tour App, you will be treated to a sneak preview of the Ghost Tour App near the end. My partner is Ken Stewart of Savannah who has a long, tried and true career of shooting music videos, documentaries and was the first person to really capture interviews in the early 1990's with some of the characters from the whole, "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil" phenomenon. Between his gifts and my own we've become a perfect match. There is also a 3rd partner worth mentioning, and that is Ken's daughter, Kaitlyn. She has been one of my biggest tour takers through the years and although I'm the kind of spirit that takes people in for themselves and don't really judge in the way the world tends to, Kaitlyn is a special needs person and has a form of autism. What has been incredible about the project is that she has been involved since the inception with helping her father film thousands of video clips all over Savannah, giving helpful criticism in how everything flows and functions and according to her dad, is really beginning to blossom through this project. But I just think of her as my friend and creative co-hort because she earns that respect at every turn and its been a real treat to work with her. Ken and I believe this project will gain much attention for the capabilities of those with similar conditions and that has really added to our energy and motivation. Thanks all for helping me get to this new level of success and please see the QR codes below to scan and of course the App can be found on both Google Play and The Apple Store. A "Light" version or free version will be available in a month or so but for now, they're wonderfully priced at $2.99. Please send me some feedback and if you wish to review them, we'd love it, but please give us any conversation about something negative or a bug before posting? That's appreciated!

Android QR


Steam Punk Wedding @ Bonaventure Cemetery!

Posted by [email protected] on December 23, 2012 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

There was an old tradition that if a man were serious about a woman, he would propse to her in a cemetery. "Til death do us part," right? Well, Bonaventure is also known for its wedding history, and this past weekend, friends, Kari Tia Rigg and Brian Morton tied the knot in a unique, Steam Punk themed ceremony and wanted to share a lovely photo and video of the event. Congratulations and eternal love to you both! 

Bonaventure "Resident" Sticker!

Posted by [email protected] on November 6, 2012 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

You know how everyone and their brother neighborhood, or private school, has some kind of slogany oval sticker on their rear window? Like Tybee Island is = TYB or Historic Savannah Foundation = HSF or Savannah Country Day School = SCDS? Yeah, that kind of thing and yes, its kind of a cool way to show off pride in where you live or where your kids go to school or whatever it is. Around here, these stickers are like badges of neccessity and on many vehicles sporting their biggest sticker, "Salt Life." That one personally makes me want to gag, but no offense. Its become kind of like those Salty Dog T-shirt every Jimmy Buffet fan in the world owns or something and I apologize for that being a me thing versus a you thing.Anyway, in the name of making one sticker above the rest, if just because Bonaventure Cemetery has that kind of cool neighborhood vibe of a different cut, we're proud to present how you can join the club by displaying one in your car or laptop or wherever stickery people place such things! So yeah, instead of that usual hassle the Grim Reaper gives you at the gates, you can just roll down your window and say, "Ahem, the sticker?" And yes, he'll wave his scythe and pass you on through.This sticker wasn't just thrown together either. As "simple" as it looks, we knew it had to mirror the look of the conventional, but have just the right tweaks to set it apart. We worked with Jen of Forever Young Creative and she did a stand up job for us and was very economical too! So what are the special elements of design & thought? So glad you asked and if you're still reading this blog post, we're incredibly thankful that we have fans willing to read sticker philosophy. Ok, well, right away, if you know something about Bonaventure or have seen the word, than the design click in pretty quickly and that we replaced the "A" with a headstone, and the "T" with a Live Oak. And the following thought is purely for design professors, but can be enjoyed by others -- did you know that our design deconstructs the word "Bonaventure" back to its origins of "bon venture?" Yes, it almost reads without the "A," unless you know there is one in the complete word for the cemetery. But the translation either way, is pretty much "Good Venture," so the design is all at once one word version and then, a second or original way of expressing it. I know, I know, its too good. Now, as to the headstone we chose to use for the substitute of "A." Well, at one level, its particularly recognizable to anyone who has ever enjoyed Halloween or spooky cartoons. So yes, generic. But at another, its a shape that was common to both the Puritan and the Victorian eras, and one where the roundedness suggests a human figure or a spiritual one. Many of the slave, pauper and pre-marker (before large stone could be placed), grave markers, used to be just wood shaped people stuck in the ground. Some, but very few of those survive openly in cemeteries anymore. So yes, the very shape suggests someone standing there watching over, like an angel, or perhaps the spirit of the person, and suggesting in the latter, that although their bodies lie below, they are "above." Make sense? Yep, all of this from a sticker folks.The term "At Rest," Is also important, because a part of the "feel good" of Bonaventure, is how death was expressed in the Victorian Age vs The Puritan. In the former, headstones read, "Death" and "Died" and "Never Lived" and all very suggesting of a finale. In the question asking age of the Victorians? More death as transition -- "At Rest," "Not Dead, But Asleep," or "Awakened In The Arms of Jesus." Everything to suggest that death was only of the body, but the spirit lives on and on. And so putting that on the headstone in our lovely sticker design, was key to the expression of both the age, and the place. Alright, but we're tempted to say the Live Oak and Spanish Moss in our "T" tree, is our favorite bit. Let's face it, its pretty coy. And we shaped it about 10 different ways until it looked less like an "F" and more like a T. But a part of the reason its so double whammy and historically correct, is that pre 1834, the the plantation era of Bonaventure, Josiah Tattnall I, had all of the branches of the Live Oaks at Bonaventure pruned to form the initial of his last name and his partner, John Mullryne. And this is how people spoke of Bonaventure out there in the world of that period, the talked all about those trees spelling out letters! SO yeah, isn't that a cool co-inky-dink? So hope you enjoyed this lesson in Bonaventure Cemetery sticker design. It won't just be the coolest sticker on your car, it'll be a little history lesson you can share with others that will make them seriously wonder about you.

Artist Laurie Lipton Grants Use of "Family Reunion" Artwork!

Posted by [email protected] on September 25, 2012 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (11)

The amazingly talented, darkly comical artist, Laurie Lipton of California has graciously loaned us her image, "Family Reunion" for the next phase of our Bonaventure After Hours event. We will have large postcards of this available in coming days and as always, a great poster version for our attendees. 

The image is taken from an old photograph, where in the original, all of the people are living attendees of the wake.  We'll soon post the original for your enjoyment.  Laurie has doctored it up to fit her theme of having some fun with the image, but also making some kind of valuable statement about life & death and family. What's your interpretation? In a recent email I asked Laurie if she was the woman in the casket and who was the non-skeletal man hidden up on the porch? She didn't respond for one reason or another, but I put to her my own theory that perhaps it has something to do with the death of an important romance and that it may have been very public and "died" a slow harsh death in front of many friends and family. Not bad eh? Thanks, I went to art school so you know, I'm smart like that. Even so, Laurie wouldn't confirm or deny, and probably like many artists, prefers to leave it open for interpretation. And yes, art imitates life, and here we see it imitating death!

Laurie has wonderful books, original work, prints and a whole host of fascinating illuatrations and drawings that will take you just hours to completely study! Please see her website and support her work!