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Shannon's Tour Apps Now Available!

Posted by [email protected] on February 23, 2013 at 3:55 PM

Very exciting news is that I've become partner and party to an App company called SG Adventures or Self Guided Adventures and we have just launched the first App in a series to come, called Historic Savannah. More exciting is that it is literally the first App anywhere in the marketplace featuring a "Pop-Up-Tour Guide," yes, yours truly. What does that mean? It means that if while using the App, you want more than my narration, the photos with descriptions, you click on the video link and up I pop in the corner of your screen with video of your location rolling behind you and I tell you all about the place and places you're looking at. Naturally filled with some of my nuances and off-the-grid knowledge! The Historic Savannah Tour App features incredible maps, suggested tour routes, photos & audio, and of course, me hanging out with you as you go on your screen. There are also Recommended Stops that will feature local businesses we believe are worth going to or patroning. Next in the App-2-Come family is a Ghost Tour App in March and then a few others to follow that I'll name soon. I'm most excited about the Ghost Tour App, if just because, it has some real scare factor to it. When experimenting with it, I was very impressed by the visuals, and sound effects that will accent my stories as you go. Nothing to over the top but just enough and man, some of it really did give me chills and that's hard to do! When downloading the Historic Savannah Tour App, you will be treated to a sneak preview of the Ghost Tour App near the end. My partner is Ken Stewart of Savannah who has a long, tried and true career of shooting music videos, documentaries and was the first person to really capture interviews in the early 1990's with some of the characters from the whole, "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil" phenomenon. Between his gifts and my own we've become a perfect match. There is also a 3rd partner worth mentioning, and that is Ken's daughter, Kaitlyn. She has been one of my biggest tour takers through the years and although I'm the kind of spirit that takes people in for themselves and don't really judge in the way the world tends to, Kaitlyn is a special needs person and has a form of autism. What has been incredible about the project is that she has been involved since the inception with helping her father film thousands of video clips all over Savannah, giving helpful criticism in how everything flows and functions and according to her dad, is really beginning to blossom through this project. But I just think of her as my friend and creative co-hort because she earns that respect at every turn and its been a real treat to work with her. Ken and I believe this project will gain much attention for the capabilities of those with similar conditions and that has really added to our energy and motivation. Thanks all for helping me get to this new level of success and please see the QR codes below to scan and of course the App can be found on both Google Play and The Apple Store. A "Light" version or free version will be available in a month or so but for now, they're wonderfully priced at $2.99. Please send me some feedback and if you wish to review them, we'd love it, but please give us any conversation about something negative or a bug before posting? That's appreciated!

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