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America's Most Haunted City - Part One (DVD Film & CD Soundtrack)


In 2002, Savannah received an honorarium from the nation's most funded field research group, The American Institute of Parapsychology, the "America's Most Haunted City" Award. It prompted many to ask, "WTH?" (What The Haunted?) Shannon Scott, 24 year insider to Savannah's haunted heritage, addresses these questions by interviewing friends and neighbors, along with providing his own observations as an experiencer, all in the name of adding a deeper level of understanding to what has become a great curiosity of locals and visitors alike. Scott formerly worked for the likes of "Scariest Places On Earth," "Ghost Hunters," "MTV's FEAR," "Real Scary Stories" and others. His feeling that was that for all of their entertainment merits and good intent, that being television, they were little more than what he calls "Grab-N-Go TV." This film is his attempt to un-skew the public perception and bring it back around to something more accurate and through the voices of those who have first hand account with Savannah's spirit world. 

The film, with its Special Feature's, is 2 hrs, and contains an Original Soundtrack with 12 original scores by Edwin Brown of Savannah. The music is based on the many conversations that Edwin shared with Shannon over their many years of friendship and is a lovely addition to the media package.

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