Shannon Scott Journeys

Haunted 432 Abercorn St

Shannon Scott was responsible for putting this fascinating home on the greater stage of public interest. Before selling his former, company, 6th Sense World/Sixth Sense Savannah, a former guest created this video interpretation of a home with a history of family cruelty and occult ritualism.

Posted by [email protected] on August 16, 2012 at 1:10 PM 4240 Views

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Reply Shannon
4:08 PM on October 8, 2012 
Well Beth, as much as I want to act shocked or say that I'm surprised, NOTHING about 432 Abercorn St does! Thank you for sharing so much enthusiasm and detail of your experience with it! It was my honor to introduce this home to the ghost story circuit, back in the 1990's when other than being a cult conversation (pun intended) with locals, it was not known to the larger visiting public. Which is a point of pride, but comes with a tinge of regret as there is so much hubbub over the place and loads of misinformation. I also regret that the owners have had pains with people not being so nice inside of their home, but perhaps the upside is that its motivated them to actually take care of it more. My personal experience with the home ranges from having known the owner when she lived there in the 1990's, and having been in conversation with them since, albeit more piecemeal that they've grown older and live out of town. For me this will always be that house where I dared to sneak into it when it was full of someone's antiques, and creeping upstairs into the attic with a friend, had one heck of a ouija board experience on top of an old scrying mirror. In some way, I wish that 432 could always be that odd, unfinished mansion on the square, but realize that's akin to the dream I had 25 years ago with so many similar buildings here. But for now, its really a last of its kind. I kind of think once it gets restored, some shift will occur in Savannah that might just cause all of the ghosts to pack up and move!
Reply Shannon
3:46 PM on October 8, 2012 
Janet -- the event has gone back to being "Bonaventure After Hours," the original event and yes, will be doing it throughout the year as the public insistence! I'm now just conducting the "Dinner & A Cemetery" event for private groups of 10 or more. I had to make this change just due to the sheer challenges of it all. I loved offering it to the public, but it wasn't cost effective doing it every weekend. Hope to have you out for the After Hours event when you're here! Thank you!
Reply Beth Ann Lindenmuth
9:46 AM on October 8, 2012 
Hi! I just stumbled onto your site. I stayed at the Kehoe house in August of 2009, and have numerous very odd pictures of Abercorn house that i took at 10 in the morning.
I also had an experience where I went up to the mail slot in the door and put my camera up to the slot to try and get a picture of the inside of the house. When I snapped the photo my camera threw sparks! If I had not had it around my neck at the time I would have dropped, and most likely damaged it. I stepped back to the railing and my husband who had witnessed the whole thing asked what was wrong with the camera....I turned around and snapped a picture of the park behind me and I went up to the mail slot and it happened again! I repeated this 4 times! my camera threw sparks everytime, but was not damaged. We even went back that night and tried it again, and sure enough it did it again! It was amazing!.....BUT, a few days after we got home I went back to the pictures I had uploaded to my laptop right after this had happened, and what i saw blew me away! The entire home was shrouded in a mist, but yet it was a sunny morning, and the pictures I had taken just seconds between the pics of the house where bright! There is also an outline of a face easily seen on the wall that absolutely was NOT there when I snapped the photos.....I cannot wait to come back!
Reply [email protected]
2:34 PM on August 30, 2012 
Janet says...
do you have ant plans to continue the Dinner @ Bonaventure past 9/8/12. I will be in Savannah early in November. Thanks

Hi Janet. Yes, the Dinner & A Cemetery or Bonaventure After Hours, will continue each and every weekend until it either runs out of steam or we just get bored. Neither of which are likely to happen!
Reply Janet
1:36 PM on August 30, 2012 
do you have ant plans to continue the Dinner @ Bonaventure past 9/8/12. I will be in Savannah early in November. Thanks