Shannon Scott Journeys

The Paranormalist: The Godfather of Ghosts!

We Have What Every Tour Wants To Be -- But Can't!

If Savannah was worthy of mention in The DaVinci Code, is there a "ghost tour" that goes beyond the pale, bordering on Secret Society? Something so incomparable, unforgettable and so exclusive, that it cannot be had by just anyone? Well seek no further. This tour event is only offered privately and is otherwise unavailable to general Savannah travelers. It must be Earned by Reservation and is investment reflective. If you demand total spectrum on Savannah's mysteries, hauntings, possession, exorcism, vampyrism, occult, voodoo, serial killer, murder and macabre and wish to be privy to knowledge, scenery and sites where your tour host was literally the first to investigate, interview or experience, this is your tour. This multi hour excursion is conducted by a 25 year resident journalist and obsessive seeker of the strange who's personal accolades include the following:
-- Personal recipient of the "America's Most Haunted City Award" on behalf of City of Savannah
-- One time parapsychology board member for parapsychology's foremost field research institution
-- Producer & Researcher for TV hits like, "Ghost Hunters," "Scariest Places On Earth," "MTV's FEAR," "Real Scary Stories."
-- Filmmaker behind Savannah's first & only locally made feature film on Savannah's hauntings. 
-- Interview subject of many documentaries, articles, journals and more, related to Savannah and mysteries of the world.
-- Has conducted investigations in Italy, Scotland, Ireland, England, Russia, Spain, Australia, Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe.

The following represent samples of what your group will see and learn. Please keep in mind that the stories vary based on group size, along with particulars of time and things happening around the city that impacts the possibilities. Meaning? Not every story here is guaranteed but should only be considered an outline or a menu that is subject to your host's discretion. During this excursion, you'll come to see why Savannah is more than "America's First Planned City," and in reality was literally designed to be a gateway to other worlds. That the city was founded by not just a military officer, but was a mystic of the highest order who carried secret and divine knowledge from other places to create the ultimate city of enlightened spiritualists. You'll come to discover that New Orleans isn't the only Voodoo City, but that in Savannah it has a far more hidden nature that your host is all too willing to reveal and share. Having shared friendships and intimate times with those that became subject to the novel, "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil," you'll be treated not to a watered down version of the story, but a version from your host that he likes to call "Good&Evil X." Ever wonder if exorcism is more than horror movie hype? Let your host introduce you to the real world of a city where literally hundreds have taken place, and locals think of it as neighborhood usual. Learn the story of one man's demise and how he took it to depths where his own possession was caught on film. What do Houdini and a serial killer have in common? Only in Savannah do such world's collide and in the most tragic magic sense. There are vampires, and then there are vampyres. What's the difference? Hear the scurlious story of how your host while shooting a vampyre film, became entangled with a sanguine group and how their demise became a major city scandal. By the end of this tour, you will feel enlightened in a way most visitors to Savannah will never come to understand or fathom and boasting rights will be yours for a lifetime. Because of the adult nature of this tour, along with some of the visual aides included that are graphic, this is for Mature Audiences Only. This investment should also be considered a living classroom vs a party tour. You will be entertained, but if you are after a party tour, there are others in the city from which to choose and we encourage you to recognize the distinction in advance of your reservation.
Time: 8:30PM Mon-Saturday
Length: 2.5 Hrs (Generally)

1-4 Adults: $125.00 ea.
5-6 Adults: $110.00 ea.
7-10 Adults: $100.00 ea.
11-30 Adults $85.00 ea.

Add Ons: Shannon Scott's 2 Hour Haunted Savannah Feature Film "America's Most Haunted City" DVD w/CD Soundtrack = $20.00


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